Road trip with the Kids

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Road trip with the Kids

On the road again….

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We are on the road. Sticking in Florida – China Business Workshop just wrapped up a bit ago and time to enjoy the weekend. No more bugging my parents for a ride, rented a car for the rest of the trip. Nancy my sister in law took a group trip (with Chinese travelers) up to New York City – so I am on my own on the road.

So lucky my Florida’s driver’s license is still valid! My cousin Joe helped me get a friends and family discount and upgrade on a car to drive around Florida until I return to China on Sunday the 18th

Not the exact trip I had in mind when I came out here. But as I have said in previous blog entries, we just gotta appreciate the cards we are dealt and enjoy them.

It has been fun taking my kids around in USA on the road solo. Walking into a rest stop in West Palm beach the other night I got a lot of smiles and double looks. Kids have been keeping up with the fast paced travel well.

Had to invest in a baby sitter too – Claudia (organizer of China Business Workshop Florida) helped me out finding one. Yvonne is an amazing retired kindergarten teacher who has experience in Hong Kong! The kids already miss her when we left Miami in the car – as she had a whole tool kit of tools from drawing sets to books to toys.

Kind of strange, ey? An American business guy driving around in Florida with 2 Chinese looking kids who can’t speak English looking for Chinese speaking baby sitters.

Guess that is the life I picked when I visited, then extended stay, then got married, then had kids, then decided to live there. But the “weirdness” of being back in USA is hard to explain. Like I am a foreigner myself.

So we are going to enjoy some days without Nancy and enjoy bonding time together. Met up with my uncles and they have taken us in as well. Some parks in line and book stores.

What do people do for fun in America for kids? Disney World?

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