More China Trips & System of Events in the Future

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If you’re interested to buy a tour of the Yiwu market – check the Global From Asia Yiwu portal

More China Trips & System of Events in the Future

Back in China, its like that feeling, you just can’t stay away.

I mean, who can ignore China?

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So typing this up from a non-VPN internet connection. All I know is when I have internet that doesn’t work – you guys reading this benefit – as I can still open up a non-Google doc and write up these blogs and other documents.

Have only been in Thailand for about a month and have been back to Hong Kong and various cities in China a couple times already! I think it is just the transition and there have been some close events that have been hard to move. After this Yiwu trip the back and forth should slow down.

Yet who can ignore China? Even in Thailand we have noticed so many Chinese there – and a lot of restaurants talking Chinese, targeting Chinese.

Writing up today’s blog after the Yiwu sourcing trip – and I would say it was a success. A small group came and we were able to spend more time with each other and learning each other’s business. This market is so massive, and Naomi said she felt like she is walking through a physical version of Taobao (Chinese eBay).

The event is setup with a half day seminars where Andy Church from Insight Quality shared on sourcing and inspection, and then I shared about the year experience of sourcing and selling on Amazon- doing a podcast live with Ino about what we could have done better to make the process smoother.

I haven’t been back to Yiwu since like 2009 ! You can dig up the last trip on the blog archives – I went with Brent back when I was doing sourcing as a service. The market hasn’t changed – but the city has. I’m in a hotel now that didn’t exist then  – Marriot, in a whole commercial district that didn’t exist then.

After the half day seminar, we had nice Middle Eastern food (wow, it was nice) and then into the marketing. First day browsing and getting everyone’s bearings right. The evening had dinner together and recapped what we learned – and made an attack plan for the next day.

Friday we really got our hands dirty. I was able to spend time in a coffee accessory shop and list out about 9 new ASIN (products) we could potentially list. The cool thing is the MOQ is so low and they have stock available. For less than a thousand us dollars you can add a bunch of products to your online store or Amazon shop. Will have some more research over the next few days and have Ino help get the order confirmed and into their Yiwu warehouse.

Taking action – this is the cool thing about doing a smaller business trip over a larger seminar. Sure there is less hyper networking – but we were able to get to know each other more, and our businesses – and actually get things done. I also was helping explain to people about setting up their web stores and other channels to sell on.

Next is the Canton fair trade show season – we have a lot at our business blog  Global From Asia dot com slash Events where you’ll see a Canton fair trip, pre-accelerator, and our big CBM  – Cross border Matchmaker on Friday Oct 26

Still so much to do, so many people to meet, and things to do. But I hope everyone out there is doing what they love and making progress to get even closer to fulfillment. Because isn’t that what life is all about?  Ok, time to head to the airport and back to Chiang Mai!

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