Working USA hours in China (graveyard shift)

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Always since ive been in china i have had to coordinate with usa time schedule…..but the past week its become extreme….earlier this week and last i was working until 5 or 6 am….sleeping until 2 or 3pm
Wake up

11pm in china – usa (ny) 10am – europe (4pm)


3pm china- usa Nyc 2am – europe – 8am

But the other day….i decided to go the extreme….work completely usa schedule…..i was up over 24 hours straight (havent done that since college finals)….ending up almost crashing around 3pm….
Next day woke up (well, technically same day) at 11pm china time (10am in new york) ….and now working until 2pm china time (1am in nyc usa)….
I actually like this schedule…and will even keep it on weekends……i can go to the party and grrab breakfast on the way….

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  1. well this’ what i’m doing during weekends. sometimes fri n sat ;P

    party til 5am grab breakfast then sleep til 3pm ;P

    this’ living life!!!! rocksssssss

      1. Author

        hey Ben,
        thanks for reading and commenting, awesome !

        1) appreciate the input….I am thinking now that the amount of goods I currently stock wouldn’t fit so easily in a NY city retail shop…..its quite a bit of goods

        2) I wonder if the shop realizes the value I offer – I ahve gotten other people commenting that “any shop there can build their own site” (which is bullshit, because it takes a lot of money, time, and exprtise to properly drive traffic to it and build a customer base)

        So I am also thinking of a local warehouse nearby in NY metro area with a “visitor” time for the showroom -and then the warehouse in the back where we can drop off the goods.

        Also the question is insurance liability.

        Anyway, I’m thinking now to keep the distribution center a bit longer, study more.

        also hope to get to vegas soon, we’ll see

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