Wow, I have a faithful reader – Questions Answered.

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nice – Piotr my roomie from San Diego – just emailed me a ton of questions and feedback from my post the other day on my trip back to CT – hey guys, you can comment on this thing! – but here goes:

(my answers in orange)

ha ha – i just read your blog. hilarious man. few questions though. who were the girlfriend/boyfriend breakups? are you talking about [blank out] ? (Basically, yea but I don’t like naming names!!)

unexpected spurt of visitations at piotrs – that really was a spurt wasn’t it? (I guess you’re right, you run an international hostel so there’s always visitors, just seems like more then usual w/o much advance notice! haha)

if there was a crying baby how was your neighbor well rested? (ok ok, well there were quiet times, but I have enough trouble sleeping on planes, not anticipation of a crying baby to rattle me all up….my nerves were ready for an outburst of crying at any time!)

you always are able to make friends and get hookups. ha ha and you put up with the amway moneymaking scheme – that was the price paid – well worth it – did you get an amway business card? (no business card, but we did exchange phone and emails – interested in signing up??? I can have him call you!)

after having my “ass” threatened to get beat LMAO (no comment…)

what was the UK guy wearing you never said. was he overdressed or underdressed? he wore a suit didn’t he? (actually did forget to mention that….I walked by him at least 3 times, HE WAS WEARING A UCLA T-shirt – who would have expected taht, he was the one guy in the bar I didn’t approach asking if it was him or not!)

who was pokingyou in perverted ways – i bet it was andy? did carlson and john sleep there too? they didn’t go to the wedding did they? (just like good ol’ times…the gay homophobe pranks never get old around here….hahaha)

not all time was wasted… ha ha

dude I’m allergic to cats too – I hate cats

hilarious dude – keep posting on happiness in pursuit. I love it. Ill keep you updated on life here if you care. I should have some weekend pictures posted on picasa

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