don’t let them get the best of me……

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you’re only a failure when you blame someone else …i remember that quote from back in the day.

but yea, right now i’m kinda discouraged – i’m trying to get some clients /buyers for this new venture in the works BEFORE i’m off on my own….so that the cash can hit my account and i’ll be cash flow positive ASAP…….but yea…… doesnt always work out as planned…..seems like i’m having some that i thought were strong buyers dodge my calls, give me the runaround, pull my chain, whatever you call it…

plus seeing costs a bit higher then i had thought – well i’m just finding opportunity in technology, employees, and call centers – but i gotta make sure the TOP LINE – sales comes through

so i’m trying to hedge my bet….looking for other biz channels to cover my ass


FUNNY variation on those annoying posters below – hah. this is real motivation

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