If you have lost faith in yourself, you have the universe against you.

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I like that quote…try to remember it when I am completely discouraged and
overwhelmed….not sure who said it or if I am phrasing it correctly but..

“If you have lost faith in yourself, you have the universe against you.”

And I have to live by this more then ever these days…I have to stand firm that I am making the right moves, and that no matter what happens, as long as I believe in myself and go with my gut and brains I will come out on top.

I have spent the past couple weeks cancelling accounts, stopping investments in certain deals, and refocusing everything…all in anticipation of my move to China, my financial situation, goals, and timeframe, and basically cutting the FAT out. No more mister nice guy.

I am trying to stay positive, but man these are some testing times….

If starting a business were easy, everyone would be doing it.

I think back to a movie that’s one of my favorites – Lord of War….. towards the beginning, when Nicolaus Cage is starting his new import/export business….lots of slaps in the face, lots of debt….I remember it was CHRISTMAS DAY in the movie and he was saying (in 3rd person) 2nd mortgage, maxed out Credit cards…he did whatever it took to not show he was losing money to his family…and keep taking care of his wife…when all of a sudden….something broke (and this was the cold war ending) but in any regards….i’m at that point right now….and I’m trying to stay a bit calm

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  1. Happy Holidays!

    Good luck and i’m certain that you’ll reach your dreams!

    take care in China!

    (your blog inspires me!)

  2. thanks for keeping up with it Annesa!!!!! You need to come visit in China…..

    they have bubble tea there, right?

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