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Back in Florida….flew in late last night – delay on the plane w/ air traffic and weather – but at least I got a free upgrade to first class…how do you say….bloody mary….at least a few of em.

few weeks till China…..getting pumped….and yea…nervous…

motivational high

so the above notes are just raw output from my head, let me write them down below….hope to get you excited about living your dreams

  • Life is a game and the world is your board
  • Whats up with all the motivational music lately – K West’s whatever doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger, Alicia Key’s everything is gonna be alright. See a theme lately.
  • Empower others. Build a network of smart, talented friends. Surround yourself with positive, hungry, people.
  • No such thing as failure. period.
  • you are the biggest barrier to maximizing your potential
  • give trust easily, spread your bets, and hedge
  • only regret can be not trying- you have to take that shot, what else is life for?
  • options = power
  • not tomorrow – now!
  • negative people – ignore and avoid them, but pity them. by pitying them you will get them upset – but hey, maybe that will help change them
  • Knocked down – knocked out? get your sweaty, bloody self up off the ground and bring it. You let yourself get knocked down, time for a comeback. another chance.
  • Dont know where you are? Why is everyone staring at you? Just smile and just go with it – find out later, or never.
  • Obstacles are just opportunities. crack the code and share it with others. this is your next business opportunity.
  • How can it be called work if everyone you work with is your friend?
  • remember this quote from a toastmaster presenter: “every day above ground is a good one”
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    first class upgrade – VERY NIIIIICE!!! (Borat voice)

    dude i guess i never looked at your notes ever – you’ve got some good stuff in there. it’s cool that you motivate yourself and you write it down. i never write anything down and forget. sometimes its good to read your thoughts and get yourself back on track

    you are your own biggest obstacle to getting the best out of yourself – i like that


    taking the world by storm? =)
    happy that you’re finding your dreams and inspiring others to do so…

    you still owe me a bubble tea!



    Hey Piotr – yes First class was verrrrry nice – soo many bloody mary drinks!!!

    Annesa – thanks for reading, thought you were opening up the bubble tea shop in Hoboken??? i’ll by the whole place a round on me when that happens!!


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