How things have changed since 1 year ago….

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About 1 year since leaving my day job – and wow, how things have changed…..1 year ago I was moving out of my New York apartment, flying to San Diego to live with Piotr….

feels like a lifetime ago!! Since then spent the summer in San Diego, Trade Shows in Hong Kong, toured China, holiday in Florida, uHauled Salem from Canada to New Jersey, and then relocated to China to start a China trading company…amazing…seems like years ago….

Just back from the Canton Fair – overwhelming amount of information. Just get a kick out of entering a random product booth, picking up a product, talking specs, materials, pricing, lead times, shipping. Never stop learning – I can’t believe when I was in high school I thought the learning was over! it was just beginning! NEVER STOP LEARNING, until you’re dead

Canton Fair – Guangzhou

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