How to valuate these companies???

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the more i study business and finance the more i learn its all a crapshoot….but there are 3 ways to valuate a company

1) book value times a multiple —– assets minus liabilities = book value. Then you get the multiple based on market value for similar companies.

2) cash flow times a multple —– how much free cash is the company creating per month/year and them multiple times some industry average multiple

3) P/S (price over sales multiple) —- what premium over the yearly sales is the company worth (just take yearly sales and multiple times a multiple)

the multiple depends on

1) growth potential
2) supply/demand for this type of industry
3) position of this specific company versus its competitors (#1 in its market, etc)
4) risk factor – how likely it is to hit its targets, etc

I would say easiest is (1) book value times a multiple – but what multiple?!!?!?!?!?! Guess we can look at and

What it really comes down is – WHAT IS SOMEONE WILLING TO PAY….and how much do they believe in the management team….which is why I learn more and more its about delivering on what you promise and never losing your creditibity.

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  1. I know you’re pain. I’ve got this internship with a german firm right now and all we do is equity analysis and valuation. It’s a science and an art.

  2. And while I know you’re a pain in the ass, I meant I know your pain. Grammar ain’t my strong point!

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