Financial Crisis & Personal Investments

In business by Michael Michelini2 Comments

as we all watch the world “collapse” I sit back and ponder. I guess I feel a bit lucky, personally, because my life savings is currently invested in my own startups rather than a stock portfolio (except my rapidly deteriorating retirement fund which I cannot touch for 40 years anyway)

But we all need to sit back….should this say “why should I save my money just to watch is disappear?” – should this discourage saving, and encourage us to “live for today, live for the moment?”

I think instead it should represent that we need to Invest in ourselves and educate ourselves, pursue our dreams – wether that be starting a business, traveling the world, taking a job that may not pay the best but makes us happy! That is real investment, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with your life on earth.

Sorry for the preach, but hey, this is my personal blog and I can say what I want, right?