Trying a New Fad, Standing Desk

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I have been blogging for years, from my mobile phone, typing on trains with my bluetooth keyboard, but I think this is my first blog post I typed standing up!

After the Chinaccelerator 10 x 10 speaker series, one of the speakers in Beijing, Richard Robinson motivated a lot of us entrepreneurs to work STANDING UP! Richard mentioned how he bought a standing desk off taobao (Chinese ebay) for 200 rmb (about 40 us dollars).

Upon returning to our Dalian incubator, a few startups have started to join the movement – first it was Nicky who bought the real desk from taobao, but then a few others started using parts of the office to prop up our laptops and screens. Some using boxes, others tables, and lately its become these desk drawers. I picked Mike Lewis’s style and am typing here from the setup in today’s blog post.

I’ve only been doing it today, but I feel much better! My back is straightening up, and it forces me to work more efficiently. I don’t want to waste time browsing worthless stuff, because I’m standing up! And when I want to read an article or news story, I save it for when I am going to be sitting down someplace. I ‘ve been sitting in different rooms of the office to read through case studies – and have separated my reading of news from my work.

I’ll keep you posted, but all this office / desk work I’ve been doing the past 2 months (we are exactly at 60 day landmark in the 90 day Chinaccelerator – just had our demo pitch practice runs yesterday), I really need to try some more ways to get my blood flowing!

The trouble is, how to do standing work when I’m in a cafe or on the road? These standing desks force me to work in 1 fixed office….when I’m on the road (my life is on the road!) I have to think how to convert this fixed office “standing desk” configuration in a more portable fashion.

Always trying new things. Need to be more healthy!

Since posting

Got some feedback on facebook: there is a portable folding standing desk (wow, that’s a long name) called the Ninja standing Desk, and connected with the owner/founder via social media! really cool

Attila Steven C hah, cool your jumping on the bandwagon…I met Dan in SF during #ioPitch…he created the Ninja Standing Desk which is pretty cool cause it hangs on the door and is very portable…you should check it out Mike
Sunday at 8:30pm · Like

Michael Michelini interesting- the ninja standing desk is portable….but not like..daily portable, i’d have to get this ninja standing desk inside my timbuk2
Sunday at 10:14pm · Like

Dan McDonley Check out the site again Michael, it does fold down into a small enough size to fit into your Timbuk2 bag.

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