Ideas While Drunk? How Do You Release?

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Getting Any Ideas While Drunk? Am I Missing Out By Being Sober?

Early morning sober morning here as I type this up. Been sober for at least 3 years, maybe 4 (I can’t remember if I stopped drinking in 2014 or 2015) and reflecting on that.

Some ask me why did I stop, or when did I stop – what inspired me to stop drinking?

Think it was probably becoming a father that was the real motivator, but it was also connected to investing in more personal productivity and time “hacks” to get more done faster. Once you start fixing / optimizing one thing in your life, you start to move down the list and fix (or at least notice and address) other parts.

Someone also called this something like “habit stacking” – where you leverage one good habit and then pile up another that is triggered right after your ritual of the current good habit. Brick by brick you grow and improve on that habit and create a positive empire of amazing-ness.

Today Talk About Something Different – Maybe I Should Start Drinking Again?

This article today – I’m thinking about going the other way – start drinking again.

Crazy, I know.

It isn’t that I am giving in to cravings for alcohol and just have to get one more drinks.

Something else.

Idea inspiration. Brainstorming. Loosening up.

As I need to create more (at our ecommerce incubator we are developing a ton of new content and products, still under the radar unfortunately), I need to keep coming up with unique ideas and positioning.

My wife says I have become somewhat robotic in my lifestyle. With a rigid sleep schedule and work system and timeframe – do I leave room for creativity? For idea generation, for “loosening up”.

There is even a notebook for “Ideas When Drunk” to let loose on your million dollar ideas when you are under the influence:

Does It Have To Be Drinking?

Maybe it doesn’t need to be alcohol that I crave – but some outlet for letting go of the daily grind. Being a father and building up a ton of e-commerce products and brands doesn’t leave much room for error and free flow.

Heck, this personal blog of mine has always been a creative outlet for me to put out there the thoughts and ramblings in my head – such as the post today.

Even when reading the Tools of the Titans book by Tim Ferriss they have sections mentioning to use psychedelics to explore your mind and feelings and learn who you are deep down inside.

And of course many talk about Steve Jobs’s trip to India where he was also taking psychedelics and probably tripping out to find out who he really was and many say helped create / inspire what Apple has become today.

For Others It Is More Novel

Does it need to be intoxicating? For many it is driving a car, playing videos games, listening to music.

True, the meditation has helped. My wife is deep into Buddhism and has been inspiring me to welcome life for what it is and being who you really are.

I wonder what your creative outlet is? Your “let go” button or procedure? If you don’t know – maybe you need to also explore as I am today.

Taking Care of 2 Kids…

Probably also a reason I haven’t had my creative juices flowing. It is true what they say – kids take every waking moment of your attention.

The deserve it – for sure!

But doesn’t help much when you are at your laptop flowing some ideas and they shake your chair and bang on your desk. Drives a dad to want to grab a beer, haha!

Just A Vacation? Digital Detox?

Maybe I just need to take a vacation! For real, I didn’t have much after the merger of Global From Asia and the ecommerce incubator – just doubled down and re-invested into even more work.

A couple years ago at this time I did take a nice Digital Detox with my wife and daughter which was amazing. Barely even looked at my phone or computer (only to do my daily morning writing sessions).

So maybe today’s post is just a shout out for a holiday! Chinese New Year is approaching so maybe this is a sign.

What Do You Do For Your Creative Outlet?

Now it is your turn! What do you do to unplug? To get those creative juices flowing and kickstart a free flow of amazing ideas.

As a content creator and internet business person, this is a critical piece of workflow. Resting and unwinding is a necessary function for getting “real work” done. We need to rest, we need to refresh.

We are in a new year – 2019 – and while we may be running at full speed we also need t o ensure that we are sitting back and enjoying the coffee.

Or pick up a beer and start to get ideas while drunk? LOL

Let me know in the comments below.

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