Forgot When Thanksgiving Is…

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Isn’t Thanksgiving the Third Thursday of November?

One of the things about living overseas / in Asia is you forget certain holidays.

Thanksgiving is one of them. That is purely a USA holiday.

Christmas on the other hand has been embraced all around the world, Thanksgiving is purely for Americans to be thankful for what they have.

So much that I literally I forgot when Thanksgiving is! But I was expecting it to be around the early 20’s of November.

Was thinking it is the third Thursday of the month in November. But it seems to be the last Thursday of the month this year? Wonder how much I should teach my kids about this holiday – they do love turkeys when we read about them in various books. Turkey is quite rare here in Asia, but seems they eat it in their school cafeteria and love it.

Well, I’m on the road this week anyway, so it gives me a chance to decide what to do for Thanksgiving when I am back home in Chiang Mai next week.

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