Big Changes Coming to Hong Kong

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Big Changes Coming in Hong Kong and China

Just coming back from my second trip to China and Hong Kong and wow – things are changing so fast. I’ll write up a proper business post on my business blog Global From Asia soon – but here its personal.

Really – the writing is on the wall about the speed of the transition of HK being “absorbed” into Mainland China.

Not trying to get political – but seems all these political matters – USA/China trade war, the laws being pushed into HK from Mainland China – all are leading up to huge changes.

Plus entering China there is must more “of a big deal” on entering. Not just for me, but there are more and more questions to everyone. Some I have met have been held at the border for questioning for an hour and a half – only to be let go of afterwards. Questions like, why do you come here so much on a business visa, do you work here, what do you do, why do you do this/or that.

Friends in China are telling me to make procedures for our Cross Border Summit speakers and attendees coming from overseas to be ready with documents and explanations on why they are coming. But seriously – if it is during Canton Fair / trade show season – wouldn’t it be obvious?

When I entered China this last time, they saw I used to work in China but am now entering on a business visa and asked why. I said I moved out and live in Thailand now. So they asked why I am coming back – I said to visit factories and buy from Chinese factories – which is the reason! Don’t they want that?

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