My Son Is a Budding Artist

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My son is an artist (family of artists)

Uncle Bill has really been enjoying the photos lately in various social media channels (I’m not as active there – but my wife has figured out Facebook now that she’s outside of China, heh…)

Here’s a photo he drew over the weekend.

I have to admit – it was his idea to draw Hulk – but asked for my help. It is so amazing now you can simply hop into Youtube and search “how to draw a hulk cartoon” and there is a full and extensive step by step tutorial. He followed it, I helped pause a couple times for him – and he came out with a pretty close match.

Isn’t the world amazing – and will be even more amazing as all this knowledge and information is at our fingertips. I’m trying to teach my kids they can learn anything they want by simply searching the internet.

Not to rant, but one of my pet peeves is someone sending me a chat message asking for information that I would simply pull up on the top 5 search results of Google. The answers are almost all there now.

The future of kids is to learn how to learn. To learn how to find the answers.

Rant over.

But my son is definitely excited that we can search on my phone for answers on how to draw all his favorite cartoon characters.

Another artist in the family.

Yet I think artists will win in the long game. I think computers will continue to automate anything that takes technical or repetitive knowledge. Business people who are crunching excel all day or applying formulas to make a decision will be replaced by a robot or AI script. I saw it with my own eyes while working in Wall Street over 10 years ago (back in 2007 they had this stuff going on!).

Sure, right now you can make money being an excel and number cruncher – but when my son is older – the artist, the creator, they will be the big boss. Right now they need the business number cruncher, but soon it will be a commodity and a software that will help creators make more.

I even see that in Amazon. It is about being creative in the product you are making – at the end of the day -people want the most creative and helpful product / service at the best price that sustains the business and adds value to the market.

Cheers to my children growing up to be creators and artists.

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