Week Plan Nov 10 – 16, 2019

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Big Update: Wife going to Nepal
Challenge: Ecommerce Gladiator book printing on demand in Asia

Week of Nov 10 to 16, 2019

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  • So my wife went to Nepal for the week. Left just this morning and will be back Sunday night (a bit over 7 days). Will be counting down, as I am surely going to be stressed with the kids and all that goes into it.
  • Working on a case study PDF for Alpha Rock Capital for website visitors to download when they visit the site. And of course the podcast
  • Making video marketing tutorials on why using WP2Static to convert wordpress sites to static is amazing
  • Reflecting and Learning tactics from all the conferences I was at the last few weeks. Jimmy Rose’s Zapier course most specifically
  • Wendy has been taking the lead planning our first Global From Asia retreat in Chiang Mai Jan 3 -5, 2020. Found an amazing venue and will be promoting it on Wechat and to members this coming week. (Remotely from the mountains in Nepal!)
  • Cross Border Summit – discussing a JV with Alpha Rock Capital to do these in different parts of the world in different industries and verticals. Colombia and Southeast Asia are the top spots.
  • GFAVIP member online mastermind call is this Wednesday night, 8pm HK time.
  • Ecommerce Gladiator book is moving along, out of the 100 copies I brought to the summit, and while it is printed in USA and Europe on Amazon, I’m looking to Thailand for a print shop.

Last week’s podcast on Global From Asia about why the rest of the world hates Americans has gotten a lot of response (as figured…)

Week after…

  • (Nov 19 to 22) will be in Taipei for speaking at a MOX cohort of startups.
  • Fri Nov 22 Then going to Bangkok on Nov 22 for a Neat HK and Global From Asia meetup
    Not sure how long to stay in Bangkok, probably come back to Chiang Mai on that Saturday the 23.
    And when is Thanksgiving again? Lol.

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