Son is Spiderman bouncing off the walls, literally!

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My Kid Is Bouncing Off The Wall as Spiderman (Literally)

My wife is spoiling our kids!

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Seriously, during my trip to China, I picked up a Taobao delivery that was a real spiderman suit – from head to toe! Miles kept asking in Wechat messages while I was on the road if I had picked up the spiderman outfit yet or not.

He is a super fan of spiderman, like no one would believe! The neighbors, his classmates, teachers – everyone knows he loves spiderman – everything is Spiderman at home now.

Now that I’m back from the 10 days on the road in Hong Kong and Mainland China – he got his spiderman suit.

Felt I should use the v-log to capture this moment – and we even entered into a place he could bounce off the walls!

Over in Promenda Mall there is a trampoline center called that has recently opened. Its for kids (and big kids like me) where you wear special grip socks and bounce all over the walls.

So Miles was able to put his full suit on – and climb the walls, jump off the walls, and even with a trampoline installed on the wall – bounce off the walls.

Bringing that saying “bounce off the walls” to life!

It is good to be back with the wife and kids – and my son is so happy about his Spiderman suit – hope you can enjoy this fun and family focused video blog today.

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