Hard Talks Is What Defines Us

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Having The Hard Talks And Facing Challenges Is What Makes You Stronger

As the Cross Border Summit approaches in a couple days, and as I am in the middle of DCBKK conference in Bangkok – a lot of intense talks and situations where you need to make hard decisions with limited input and time.

Friends remind me that these are the defining moments. This is what separates the “men from the boys” and by facing your “Fear” or facing those hard discussions – that is what takes you to the next level.

That is how you grow.

As I realize more and more that I am truly an introvert, and go into these conferences, and organize conferences – it is not what I am about. I always decide if I still want to organize events after each event.

This time though, I feel I have a great team in place. And they LOVE doing events and talking to people.

And that take years of culture building, finding the right people – and being honest with yourself and others.

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