Back in Hanoi, Understanding the Vietnam Market More

Back in Hanoi, Understanding the Vietnam Market More

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When I came to Hanoi in April of this year, I didn’t expect to make a second trip so soon. But there is just so much to do in Vietnam. After an intense week in Ho Chi Minh City, on Monday, June 10 took a domestic flight to Hanoi (about 2 hours)

The first time I went to a domestic airport, the airport system was developing as there were delays, gate changes, and tiny TV screens scrolling flight information pages. It was packed, every flight and every seat seemed allocated.

Arriving at Hanoi, bumped into Ben Crox – in the airplane – also coming from Hong Kong to GM Vietnam and now to Hanoi to meet his development partners. We had a nice dinner on a rainy Monday night and connected with his partners.

The lineup and goals in Hanoi are more about development – and it is being reinforced that this is the way it is – Ho Chi Minh is for BD and marketing, whereas Hanoi is for IT and development. Similar vibes as Shanghai is finance and marketing where Beijing is tech and government.

An action-packed week – typing this part up on Tuesday morning – Chamber of Commerce tonight, Wednesday morning Branding 101 workshop with Amazon Global Selling and World.

First, Thursday a Global From Asia ecomm meetup – then flying back Friday (in time for Father’s Day on Sunday).

Will report more here soon.


Have decided to make 1 longer vlog / blog instead of multiple smaller ones.

Since the WorldFirst / Amazon workshop more intense business development meetings. Lots of IT here in Hanoi. Learning the culture and the differences.

Image Image Image

And to wrap up the 3 week trip, Claire who I met in Shenzhen at a GFA event helped organize a meetup and workshop on getting started with ecommerce.

Time to fly back to Chiang Mai in time for father’s day!

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