May 1 Holiday – Local village + Culture Shock

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It’s been a while since the last vlog that I did. But with all of us locked down, there’s not much to vlog. I have barely left the 2 block radius of this apartment, ha!

But we did take a TRIP!

We took a 2-3 hour normal drive (4 hours with the holiday traffic) to a lake / beach near Wendy’s hometown.

You thought Shenyang was her hometown? Technically that is what is on the ID. But really, she was from this village a few hours drive out.

3 cars of people met up and it was a unique experience for me. We went to a lake (or ocean? Not sure) that had hundreds of people digging for oysters. There were windmills in the background, tents on the beach, and people with mud boots, shovels, and buckets spread out across the low tide.

The kids absolutely loved it and their nephew joined them. The 3 of them were just running around in the mud, digging away.

More extreme culture shock and isolation for me though.

I’m still adjusting to the stares (just still can’t get used to it). There was definitely not another foreigner there. Not many in Shenyang City either but this was a whole new level.

Where am I and what am I becoming?

Well, this is the covid extended lockdown and “broken border”.

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