Halloween in China

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Halloween in china isn’t much – gotta head over to the expat areas. See one block doing a mini trick or treat. Tried explaining to some of my chinese friends what “trick or treat” is – but gave up after a while. Amazing how something that was embedded in my upbringing was never even imagined on this side of the world. I think Halloween is an awesome holiday. Well, not really a holiday. Living outside of the US you realize how hard it is to explain. “yea, its a day kids go door to door in costumes getting free candy and adults go to nightclubs and house parties and get drunk beyond belief”.

Well, I do explain it as All Hallows Eve – and Nov 1 being all saint’s day where the saints rise and evil disappears- So Halloween is the day you get to do all kinds of bad stuff because…hey, you don’t get another chance, right. That sounds pretty cool!

Jane landed in Holland a couple days ago, she’ll be helping in UK operations and will be missed here in China!

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