Taking Negative Energy and Turning Positive

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Well, I guess what I asked for when I quit my job and started doing business on my own…..and I realize more and more its a dog eat dog world. I feel like I am constantly fighting to get my point across, and constantly have to think on my toes. I am not afraid to say I am wrong, or explain why my position changed due to varying circumstances…….but between factories, customers, suppliers, partners, employees I seem to butt heads with everyone like a revolving door.

Then I wonder, is it me? Or is this just how being a small business owner is? I would hope the latter, but many times I reflect on my recent decisions, how I came about making those choices, and learning. Learning – that is what life is all about Never stop learning, or you’re dead – especially in business.

Below is a sketch of the electrapour packaging concepts…..I have to be so clear like this to ensure apples are apples.

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