hiring and firing…….in china.

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Never easy hiring – choosing one person who is better than another to work in your company….but man it sucks to tell someone they are no longer fit to work here anymore.

It was a bit of racism too, a girl I had working here, 31 years old so she thought she was senior to me and could teach me all i needed to know about business and china…..just hit a soft point when she said Americans don’t have respect and think they can do whatever they want all over the world….well, I just couldn’t let that one pass.

I hired here not to be my friend, not because I got along with her, but because she was rather bold and agressive –> she would have been a good sales person…but I can only take so much.

It was only her first day and by 4pm…I was walking with her from the bank…getting more lectures about life, religion, and culture…when I stopped and turned to her, said “We’re going to go back to the office, I am going to give you 300rmb, you’re going to leave and never come back, I’d give it to you now, but I don’t have cash on me, so that is why you’re not going now.”, then I turned and started walking. Wow…she called me cold hearted, ignorant, blah blah….but that was that and she couldn’t convince me otherwise…..

in the office she thought she could jsut sit at her desk and assume I’d forget about it, but I got my cash, put it in an envelope, slipped it on her desk and waved her goodbye…..she got very aggressive and called me swear words I didn’t know Chinese people know – m**fcker, etc etc……and she finally left.

All part of the learning process………..but I was challenged and couldn’t be pushed around.

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