Grand Canyon Water Park Chiang Mai for Daughter’s Birthday

Grand Canyon Water Park Chiang Mai for Daughter’s Birthday

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Oh, to be a father of a daughter turning 7. Seems like that age when she is forming her own mind and can no longer be “contained” by my influence ha! Maggie is a super independent kid and we chiseled it out more this past Saturday at a “family day” trip to

Grand Canyon Water Park in Chiang Mai Thailand
(If you’re in town and curious – check it out here)

We arrived 10am-ish and for sure were one of the first groups there (most came around lunch time). But that meant more of this massive waterpark for ourselves.

As a parent of a 7 and 8 year old, I was super worried about their safety. But there are so many lifeguards everywhere and they strap them all in on life vests.

Uncle David and I joined while Wendy waited in the cafe, to help build up the confidence of Miles and Maggie. But within an hour, the kids were off on their own. I do have to say Thai people are very patient and good with kids, and encouraged them to be independent. Wendy and I both mentioned that multiple times during the day at this massive water park.

Then later in the da, we had to utilize our free ticket for zipline, 1 per attendee (so 4). Maggie was petrified! You’ll see in the video how long it took her to go on the first line.

But she fell in love, and while David was napping, she woke him up and asked him for his unused zipline ticket so she could DO IT AGAIN.

To be a dad, also just to be one in today’s world, with an international setting, it’s really just hard to even write it up. But Wendy and I have said we believe we have the best environment for our kids. For sure better than in China (especially now), but even in the USA. Here the rules are not so strict, and the Grand Canyon water park lets our kids jump off rather high places on their own, bounce off various inflatable rafts, and have a blast.

Just feel like modern day society in most countries would not allow a lot of what our kids were able to do due to legal and reputation risk.

But here, they had a blast. Recommend!

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