We All Need to Think Positively + Take Positive Actions (Amazing Initiative)

In blog, corporate world by Michael Michelini

As we come to an end of this monumental year of 2020, we need to reflect.

To be honest, I am trying so hard to not open the news. It is just full of negative vibes and negative spins on everything.

Because you know what, that is what gets eyeballs. That is what drives revenue from advertising – to get more people “fired up” and share the article on their social media and then get in arguments with their Facebook friends.

We need to go the other direction and find things that are positive and can contribute to the world.

Here’s a great example – Brilliant Black Boys Initiative 

Rather than have riots and protests, the founders at Africa on My Back decided to make a positive program to educate and immerse young African Americans, to understand their culture and to travel.

They go to Ghana for two weeks in the summer and I am sure it is a life changing experience.

A top positive experience for me was traveling abroad and it is what even started the whole fascination with international business and trade.

I had a similar experience after college through the Unico National unico.org program which sent 1 Italian American from each of the 50 states to Italy for a week in the summer. I also was part of other scholarship programs they had that applied to college.

The sad part of all of this, these kinds of amazing positive programs and contributions to the world don’t make it on the top news headlines. Instead what makes it is the negativity and the hate.

We need to seek out these positive programs in the world.

Brainstorming now more ways that I can do that can have a positive impact on the world and society. Life is really limited, and from my life calculator, I am about 50% of the way through my life.

Hope this can inspire you who are reading today to do something with your life that will help people around you. Tune out the negative mainstream media and hate and seek out and search and subscribe to the positive and impactful news and media.

One person at a time, let’s do what we can to spread love and support to others around us.

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