Learning To Be a Tour Guide in Nepal

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Learning To Be a Tour Guide in Nepal

Maybe a new profession?

Well, technically been something in the works for some time

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Greetings from Kathmandu, Nepal – the capital – or epicenter – of a tourism economy. As it starts to settle in that I’ll be living in a more tourism centered country (Thailand) I realize how the “game” is to attract people to visit your country for fun and pleasure.

Totally like that in Nepal. Coming off the plane, you are surrounded with travel agents, pre-paid taxi services, and sales reps all offering various tour packages all across this beautiful land.

Makes me realize – this is kind of what I have been doing at my business blog – Global From Asia – for quite some time – events, conferences, and business trips.

And I’m taking notes here in Nepal.

Global From Asia has 4 amazing events we are pitching you in the coming months – and I may as well share some of the business stuff I’m working on here in the “Mike’s blog” (fair to do that once in a while right?)

September 6-7 we are doing an Yiwu, China product sourcing trip. Teaming up with Andy Church from Insight Quality – a China business veteran and long term supporter of what we’ve been doing – this will be the first time we are doing an Yiwu sourcing trip. Those not familiar – Yiwu is a massive marketplace of home and gift goods somewhat near Shanghai city in China (couple hours by car). So many of our blog readers go there or are interested to go there – so this will be the first of many to come – spots limited and I’d love to have some of our blog readers here consider joining! Visit a factory, get guided tour of the market, learn from experts, and make life long relationships.

Oct 7 -15 we are doing another first ever event in Guangzhou, China – well more like a program called the Canton Fair Pre-Accelerator. Rico from Source Find Asia, Mark Ramos, Insight Quality, and Global From Asia are working together to put an amazing – and solid 8 day on the ground program in Guangzhou China at Rico’s office as well as factories. The goal is to have all your stuff in order to place an order on or even before the Canton Fair and make your product based business a reality.

Oct 12 in Shenzhen, China – Cross Border Matchmaker – our second one – last October’s was an awesome one that we have people asking to repeat. This is a full day event where we will have cross border business owners from China and around the world doing speed dating – not romantic dating – but business dating. On top of that – also multiple round table sessions with experts in the industry so you can learn and ask questions and make hyper relevant relationships in your area of interest in cross border ecommerce and business (also adding some blockchain in there too!)

Oct 15-16 – Canton Fair trip – We did the first one back in April – and this will be our second. Focused on taking a select group of business people to the Canton Fair in Guangzhou and having learning sessions with on the ground experts who will show you the ropes of the Canton Fair.

Quite a bit right? And already talking to some people about amazing events in Thailand, maybe even in Nepal. Learning that while we are blogging, podcasting, and video blogging like crazy on Global From Asia – as well as here – people still want that offline networking and learning.

Not a bad deal right? We are wrapping it up together in a paid membership called GFAVIP as well – so if you are a super fan of these events, our blogs, and making long term cross-border business relationships, you know you can get it in our premium plan.

You can check all of this out at Global From Asia dot com slash events

Now, a lot of thinking and reflecting here in Kathmandu – but seems that doing events and business trips is a top request for Global From Asia and I hope you guys can either join us – or – share the word with those in your network who would benefit. This is just the beginning and I appreciate you being here for part of the ride.

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