Baby Maggie is Sick – Does The Whole Family Cancel Their Work?

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Maggie is sick again. She got bit by a bee yesterday. Her fever is really high. We’re not sure if it is because of the bee or something else. So we want to take her to the hospital again this morning to get a better doctor’s opinion. Last time we didn’t feel the doctor was too qualified or knowledgable.

I am working from home today – so – do I not work? My father in law will take Miles to school, then Wnedy, he, and Maggie will go to the hospital. They asked me if I could take Miles to school instead so that they could go to the hospital sooner. I want to help, but said, if I was working in a normal office job, full time, would I call my boss and tell him I’m coming in late? Last week would have also been a certain amount of time off too.

Working for yourself and having kids is a challenge. Especially when your daughter is getting sick a couple times in a row week on week. Add in the fact that you are living in China where you don’t fully trust all the doctors, and the language is still not totally clear to you.

Yes, stressful is exactly the point.

I want to be a supportive and helpful father. Heck, I am! I spend a ton of time with my kids! But when there are these issues where I believe the current family can cover those tasks without me – I have to put my foot down and lock myself in my home office and get to work.

Trying to prepare myself for how this will go down as the kids get older and the work seems to increase exponentially!

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