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So I am spending a day in Hong Kong….got more passport pages at the US Consulate….I’m watching CNN, was pretty cool as I haven’t watched it in years…

See reports about Google “uncensoring” its results……by sending to – which is basically going to Hong Kong search engine.

To me – that means THEY LEFT CHINA. For those of you who aren’t aware, Hong Kong is a special political and adminstrative zone, and is not censoring its internet. Therefore, has all the information about sensitive Chinese political cases….and yes…porn – which the government forbids.

So now…like the news says, its in Chinese government’s hands….wigoogle-hk-google-chinall they ban under the GFW (great fire wall) – and therefore not allow its people to go to that are currently being redirected to (unfiltered results)

If the Chinese government bans – then its people (and the people like me inside of China) will not be able to access – and probably neither . To add to the list of facebook, youtube, twitter, and others….great…

But would the chinese government ban the main google site, ?

Another thing to keep in mind, the sites the government doesnt like that has the information is already banned, so if someone were to search on for sensitive political acts, and porno sites are blocked too. The government is constantly blocking new sites each day….so therefore, if the result shows up in google’s search engine, then the user clicks the page, it will show “page not found” isn’t filtered in china, and works in china, and has always been like that, it just didn’t let you see the pages that the government blocked.

This whole story is about – thats what people seem to forget….I don’t think Chinese government would block – because is chinese only, and therefore all the Chinese people would be stuck with MSN’s Bing or Yahoo for search……

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  1. so it happened… I AM SHOCKED. thought it was just a joke… oops, don’t know what to say. just keep wathing what’s next…

  2. Author

    yea…..this is history in the making Nigel…

    the problem is, once Google made the announcement, they couldn’t really back down…

    and the Chinese government isn’t going to let some foreign company tell it what to do..

    so, I kinda had a feeling this would happen..

    but lets watch closely, Chinese internet history class

  3. Author

    what sucks most is its people like you Nigel that lose the most from this… guys should be able to read whatever you want…learn

  4. don’t worry, Mike, we are still young and time changes everything…

    1. Author

      yes Nigel, I think the whole world is hoping the younger Chinese people are as open minded and positive as you

      keep it up my friend

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