As I Have More Readers – I cannot change my purpose

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Its great that each day now I hear about people enjoying to read my blog. Of course that is the first purpose I had when I first started this blog , to share my experiences starting up a company and transitioning from corporate America to entrepreneurship & small business. I remember the conversation in a New York diner, with Greg Schwartz and a few friends, as I was talking about quitting the day job at Deutsche Bank, they thought I was crazy, and that it would awesome to read the journey and see what happened after I left!

pursuit-of-happynessAnd the name of the blog – Happiness in Pursuit, it comes from the OPPOSITE of the Will Smith movie “Pursuit of Happyness” because that movie is about Will Smith (or whatever his name was in the movie) trying to GET INTO CORPORATE NEW YORK AMERICA / WALL STREET. This blog is me doing the exact opposite- TRYING TO GET OUT OF CORPORATE AMERICA IN NY! haha, that was the idea of the blog’s name. for the blog name, I do have the domain but still just use my personal name for now, – thinking to use the as a blogger network of those with the same goals and ideas.

I have about 3 paper journals I have back in my Florida that I was writing since 1997! I flipped back once, and it was pure emotional about crushes on girls, disputes with people over gossip, hating certain classes…..but writing it down helped me.

But those paper journals I wrote as if no one was EVER GOING TO READ IT. I even wrote in the journal through my university years, but once I got into corporate america….I stopped. Well, actually a girlfriend in summer 2003 read them while I was in my New York job orientation meeting….and hated me for about 2 or 3 days….so that knocked the wind out of me for a few years in keeping a journal at all. So most of my corporate america days aren’t recorded in any journal.

But now that I am being reminded each day of people being touched by my blog here, it makes me feel good, but it also adds a bit of pressure on me – should I worry about what I write for offending someone? Or should I tone down what I am writing for fear of it getting misinterpretted?

I always tried to write this blog as if I were writing my own journal entry back in high school, but having it published on the internet has to make me hesitate a bit.

I just want to stay genuine with this blog, and have to realize the reason people like the blog is because its REAL. It isn’t some covered up, generic articles. Its my real feelings, my real experiences, in almost real-time.

Strange thing is, I rarely had comments or interaction on my blog until maybe a year or so ago, and even lately its picking up even more.

I have to believe a lot of that is because of social media – and I integrated this blog into facebook, twitter, linkedin, and others. People love reading motivational ideas, getting real life analysis, and there are MORE PEOPLE ONLINE then ever before. Its just so true, the world is truly going cyber. Cyber friends, cyber business relationship, What is real, and what is cyber?

Anyway, just wanted to thank you guys for reading, and hope I don’t let it get to my head too much, and can try my best to keep this genuine.

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  1. well if sth happens (like ur 2003 gf issue) u’d stop for a while n then will start doing that again…. ;P

    that’s what i’m doing on fb too. tho i set it’s just for frenz…..but u r showing ur genuine face to the world…too bold for me to do the same…

    i set private to some of my pix on fb well..b careful!!

  2. Your welcome as always – keep it up – seems like it’s helping keep you sane and some of us entertained :). You can put together a completely candid anonymous blog up on say… and let all the dirtiness hang out – but in my experience one blog is more than enough for one brain to handle. *shrug* love love love

  3. Author

    hey Lammy,
    yea, having my gf read all my years of secret journals crushed me for a while – all while she was crying on my shoulder about the things she read about me! it was a very odd couple of days in that hot summer of 2003 in new york. hah. but makes us stronger.

    and yea…..i dont really worry about facebook and privacy, hell, my name is all over the place now….my busines has become my personal life, and vice versa…i am who i am…..and i can’t be afraid of it.

  4. Author

    hey Dave,

    yea, that was the purpose of this blog, to just let me get my thoughts down on “virtual” paper – and this was before facebook and twitter and social media was so hot…

    anyway, i’ll just try to blog like no one is reading, ha

  5. haha it’s ur problem of not keeping the journal in a safe ;P my journals are locked, even i cant find the keys out, prob somewhere at hm haha

  6. Author

    yea….well i was moving into a new apartment, she was helping….and i left her at the apartment alone while i was at the 1st day work orientation…

  7. haha i read my mum’s journal for once n then i stopped myself ;P i felt bad to read someone’s secrets which i shouldnt ;P

  8. If this is the gf I think it is, then you should be glad that you started up again.

    That chick was “Unhappyness in pursuit”…lol

    1. Author

      yup, you’re right on the “gf that you think it is”….

      haha, yea i didnt let it get me down for too long….got over it, and am blogging / writing journals more then ever

      good times man, glad you know about this certain someone

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