Getting my head back above water

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wow, the past week has been one of the most extreme tests – emotionally, financially, and somewhat physically… 1 wasn’t so bad…it got bad once i had laptop issues, moving from hotel to hotel…finding less and less people that spoke english….and learning more and more this was going to be much harder than anticipated…..but…

did find a place….and the first few days living here were tough

1) old tenant, Mr Wong, was still living in the room – so I had the couch
2) internet wasn’t setup…so no phone, no email, just a smoky internet cafe down the street

but now..getting somewhat settled in…mr wong has moved out, internet was setup, and finally unpacking my suitcase!

next step – learning how to create a company in China.

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  1. HA HA – Mr oOng – LMAO. you should do like the detective in the Pink Panther movies. He has an asian dude in his apartment, and he instructed him to attack him, by surprise just so that he stays sharp. You should have Mr Wong attack you just so you stay on your toes too. Hilarious man.

  2. so many stories…too much to type dude!!! ahaha….we’ll catch up one day, in china, cali, connecticut, who knows

  3. The upper picture looks just like Russia. 🙂

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