Get It Done – on a budget

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Cash flow is tighter then ever these days, but I love the pressure…..especially when its the fact that an ATM machine takes your USA ATM card and mails it back to US to “protect your account” – oh..thanks, can I borrow money from you now??!? just makes things more interesting.

I love critics too, I notice how easy it is for people to say things aren’t perfect, how much better it could be done, etc …..but you just GET IT DONE

I guess i’m not a real detail-oriented person, and if things get in my way, usually i just bypass them and move on, not even worth my time to stop and chat…haha….just keep pushing forward, and moving ahead with other people that mean business and aren’t around to bullshit me and everyone’s time around me. Obstacles not worth my time!

Spyble is live, working out some bugs, adding functionality – and yes, there are tons more tools and features we can add to it. Electrapour is ready, in production, and yes it can be a longer battery, replaceable battery case, brighter LED – but you know what, we’re gonna keep pushing forward, Let the critics sit back and watch, while I do!

PUSH PUSH PUSH. and either win or know you tried your best to get there. And then when you’re “there”, whats next? Fight another fight, that’s what life is all about.!

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