The world is changing fast, are you on top of it?

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Wow, I always believed in the theory “the world is flat” but its definitely happening faster then I could have ever imagined!!!! While it is sad, it makes us as a human race realize that we have to be flexible. And we have to stay on top of our game! We cannot get lazy, we cannot get comfortable with our current way of life! THAT IS NOT WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT! Life is about change, growing, learning, and developing.

China is re-investing in its own economy, the western world is asking the East for money….but what I see is too much buying, too much borrowing to continue buying, and therefore it will be a painful but necessary change.

Below is a photo of an old print shop that closed down…..seriously thinking of renting it and having a mini-store / showroom mixed up with a trading and technology company.

I feel a bit lucky making the moves I have in the past years, and positioned where I am now I want to continue to globalize, especially selling in China. While the Chinese economy has been hurt by the recent global events, they will come back stronger then ever, and the Chinese economy will become self sufficient. Internet, middle class consumers, continue to develop. That is where the action is, and that is where the focus needs to be.

I need to focus, yes, I know, but I have been investing my time and money around 1 main idea – Internet and China. I believe this focus is where I’ll remain for years to come. I am thinking of ways to get my friends on this track, and I have some new technology solutions already developing in my mind – to allow others in the West to get involved in this economy….stay tuned.

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