Seems Like Google is Really Leaving China – hello Thailand

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seems like I have to do it now…..i’m sure that the chinese government will retaliate and start blocking google services. already they have blocked youtube, blogger, and some others for over a year….but imagine google gmail, google english search.

too much risk for me to sit and wait….i need to at least develop a plan B.

talking to my friend Dustin down in Phuket, Thailand – he’s already in the internet world and wants to cooperate. Been already in contact with some other internet and ecommerce companies there.

I’m not gonna just bail on my China office / staff like Google seems to be doing (reports they gave a few months severance package already), I trust they will work well like they are doing….I have already re-organized the company here and seems they are working indepently now. I plan to visit regularly….Thailand isn’t so far.

maybe this is just a wake up call for me, i can’t be so settled down in China. I need to explore more, see more, develop international relations.

Maybe Ill come back, i am going to try to keep some operations here, sourcing some products, maintaining some projects. I care about my team and won’t let them down.

Just can’t sleep these days…and it came so suddenly…only started hearing reports 3 or 4 days ago about this baidu / google / china government showdown….

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