Fun Sharing on The Events Podcast

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Had a Fun Conversation on the Events Podcast Talking Asia Events

Invited On a Podcast!

My buddies are making moves and building more software startups – this time Simon Payne and Dan Taylor and a crew of other talented entrepreneurs doing Events Frame. A system to help event organizers manage their events.

Being smart internet marketers – they also have a podcast to go along with it – the Events Podcast – and I was lucky enough to be invited on to share about my event experience in China.

Was a LONG show I felt pouring out tons of knowledge on how to first build an audience/community – not just for the attendees – but also for the speakers of a conference.

It was interesting timing as I was recording that show I was in talks about merging GFA with an ecommerce investment company and that deal went through – so my own events are on hold while I am integrating with an investment fund for Amazon – but alas – the knowledge and story is epic – Dan is a great host – and you can enjoy that show here:

What Do You Think? Event Organizers?

Let me know what you think of it -and subscribe to their podcast for a ton of amazing interviews on events and event organizing – which is a ton of work but very powerful stuff!


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