Finding Acceptance Being In China, Quality Visit with Mom + Dad

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Many of my friends ask me, what do my parents say about me being over in China. It has been a bit of a transition, honestly when I first came to China, as I have said in previous blogs, my parents had a hard time…..I left a quality highly sought after job on Wall Street, and I moved to China without much of a plan…..

But I have “survived” 4 years now in China (Asia – Philippines) ….and last year I was reflecting on what to do, where to go, thinking I would live in New York ….but deciding to take the Hong Kong return flight afterall last year….

I see my calling is in China….….bridging Chinese into USA market…and bringing Americans into China…

In the main photo of this blog, you can see me and my mom and dad wearing Geekcook shirts….which is a project I am helping my friend in China enter the USA market…

I explained to my parents this great task of bridging Chinese to USA, and Americans into China….it was funny, my dad is always talking to everyone, in restaurants, parking lots, golf courses, and he started spreading the word….passing out my business card (he has a stack of them) telling our waiter that “if you want to go to China, talk to my son“.

Walking through shopping malls, talking China, talking different cultures and business mind perspectives…my parents have realized the value I have gained being overseas.

Maybe this will help America they think, and I think. I have many friends and people reading my blog who want to come to China. Bands who want to sing there, internet gurus who want to verify websites there for American investors, tons of people who want to sell there.

China….as so many say, the American Chinese relations are the future for the next 100 years….we are bound between debt and currency agreements.

For the first time EVER, I heard my parents discuss maybe visiting with my sister! I won’t get too excited yet, still a lot of planning, but this is awesome.

I have to bring people to China, I have to explain to Americans and Chinese the differences between these cultures, knowledge is power and it seems both sides greatly misunderstand each other….

Stay tuned…but I am in talks with a few extremely qualified Americans who want to come to China and learn….grow….experience….

The bridge is now.

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