good to be back in Connecticut

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so the past days I’ve been living out of my luggage….interesting part is that my last few days in San Diego involved many comings and goings of friends on the east and west coast! most likely the labor day weekend, some girlfriend/boyfriend breakups, and simply the end of summer vacations caused the unexpected spurt of visitations at Piotr’s.

after surviving the red eye thursday night with a crying baby and lack of sleeping pills in seat 19B…landed at newark earlier than expected. 5:37 am . My well rested talkative neighbor on the plane offered me a ride back to manhattan, sweet, jumped in his car w/ his fiance in a heartbeat! after getting pitched on the amway money making system he was enjoying, i arrived at andrew moran’s stoop at good old orchard street lower east side. my new friends in the car awaited my getting buzzed into the apt building, but unfortunately the name/apt list didn’t correlate to buzzer numbers and had to default to cell. took a 2 hour nap on his floor, then ventured through NYC to my old stomping grounds at Deutsche Bank. good times, but due to the upcoming holiday weekend it was lacking a lot of my coworker buddies. alas, next time, i will be back there shortly.

after having my “ass” threatened to be beat as i accidentally rollered my bag over a delightful middle aged woman on the streets of new york (how I am to see behind ones self and in front of oneself is beyond me..), i entered the pub to meet a UK associate for new york bar store biz…..obviously forgetting to get a run down of what he was wearing as this was the first time meeting….but alas ordered a guiness and chatted with a nice couple from across the pond. finally meeting my UK buddy, and Andrew swinging by, we chatted over brews, wings, and sliders….leveraging of US/UK an exchange of cocktail shakers was made and we were off. train to new haven anyone??? arriving in Ct – Andrew and I were escorted to bristol with old time friends Andy Bettencourt, John and chris Dsmack….

drinking booze and watching comedy central, we finally called it a night at approx 3am….hoping to catch some ZZZZ’s for the wedding the following day……ohh yea.

crashing on the floor, i’m awaken to some perverted smackings or pokings…was too tired to differentiate…and time to get ready for a wedding! arriving for the 5pm reception, greeted at the door by Michelle, our beautiful bride, and a bud light. Life is good. 7 n 7 cocktails all night, a nice medium rare steak, mixed with becoming a biproduct of jealous boyfriends rage – the night ended short with ambulence and police cars. I was however, able to check my emails in the hotel business suite, so not all was wasted. Coming back to Andy’s, I ended the evening with a viewing of “Grandma’s boy”, the movie.

think i am allergic to cats, as the apt kitty, “lo mein”, has been pouncing around all night and i have scratchy eyes and faucet for a nose….

over and out

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