Feel like i’m working harder now more then ever!

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For those of you actually following this blog for its main purpose, displaying a person’s progress from quitting corporate america and working solo…then this should be a post of value to you!!

I imagine the majority of people out there, from those that I’ve spoken to anyway, dream of working for themselves….down with the man, let me work for myself and start counting the cash….you know the rant!

But seriously, I feel more pressure to perform then ever before!

here is it, 11:20am West Coast time on a monday….sure, i woke up and was about 5 feet from my office…but I gotta train myself, discipline myself to get work done. There isn’t anyone here….there’s no one checking up on me…and I feel like i’m a very determined self starter….but the main problem is the overwhelming amount of work….prioritizing, and FOCUSING – and getting it done…

But I guess being busy is a good thing – means there’s something going on…..

so this post is really just to let those of you thinking of quitting, make sure you have a lot of discipline and are ready to focus and get dirty

more pics to come….

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  1. It must feel good to work hard, but with a purpose! At DB, you can work hard, but really don’t know what the purpose of it all is!

    1. Author

      hey Dana,
      finally i’m noticing these old comments!! haha, yea thats the best thing about a small business. and your own business, you can see the result..

      but i’ve noticed, it takes sometimes many years to see the true effect…

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