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What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Sept 25 – Oct 1, 2022

(in photo: quick pic at the Offchain meetup last week)

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What is Mike Michelini Up To Sept 25 – Oct 1, 2022

Quick list before meeting Andres at airport and driving 4 hours to a factory in the mountains:

* Akitai factory visit – Sunday to Tuesday night. New product development, relationship building. GFA podcast and tour.
* Product launch process tweak and improve – a huge process that needs expansion with more brands, more team members, more tools. But confident we can push through and scale up
* Training team – want to keep investing in team training, talking to some coaches and consultants in various specialities.
* Flamingo Handshake auction Thursday morning Asia time (Wednesday evening US/EU time)

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Sept 25 – Oct 1, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Writing this up quickly before I head with Andres this Sunday morning to the Akitai factory (4 hour drive from Chiang Mai, Thailand).

We are really pushing the limits and building and creating. I love it. All 3 of our Amazon brands are pushing now (Esatto first container getting checked into USA warehouse, second clearing customs, third leaving Thailand in a week or 2), Akitai we are finding new products at the factory, EB we launched 2 products and have more in development.

Just goes back to systems and procedures. It is great we are growing as a team in selecting tools and buying them (so happy we can make company issued debit cards now). We picked a new social media tool, and it is great to see LEADERS here – helping select, setup, oversee, manage.

Goes back to the hard changes we had to implement in early 2021 when we consciously decided we need to restructure the company to build leaders and delegate and empower more. And it is a huge investment yet there is no doubt we made the smart move. Anyone here who saw then vs now would agree (else I’d love to hear your reasons).

So on top of the marketing and product launch process (huge undertaking, thank you team) we are also working on:

BeckyAI. still getting FB ads stable for BeckyAi. Samples for influencers hopefully ready this coming week.

Flamingo handshake we decided to push through this coming week (Thursday morning)

GFA: We are still re-setting up GFA community (did confirm a new year long sponsor and signed contract). Also Blimp has a few people interested in picking up new product licenses (both our current franchisees and new ones). Also brainstorming events and CBS in Thailand in 2023.

GFA kids, team training. Considering IT system upgrades (as still a lot of manual tracking)

NowShenzhen we are seeing results from our improvements – growing email subscribers with the tweaks, rank improving on focus keywords (worked hard to start to focus on the never ending Covid news in China), and oiling the machine called “business” in general. Also some strategic partnerships in discussion.

Indigitus – pending a bigger decision for me personally end of the month.

And tons more. Main thing – TEAM, training, communication.
Love our key SLOT values – keep those in mind – self learning, online work, teamwork.

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