2020 Coming to a Close, Defining my Role

In now by Michael Michelini

Quick summary:
* Defining my role and the leadership to revamp the org chart so it’s more clear in 2021
* Preparing a Christmas party for the team.  I’m thinking Thursday, Dec. 17, 2020 at 6pm.
* GFAVIP mastermind is member-driven; have 4 mastermind leaders to help and will collaborate more with members for the community management tasks.
* SBO is becoming a software package instead of just simply a course / information product (like selling this a lot more)
* Still deep in content creation, internet marketing, and embracing the new Handshake blockchain internet. Hope to continue to give education and more knowledge sharing resources to our amazing team in 2021.

For those who want to read the company plan, I’m sharing some of it (removing names and sensitive info)


Week Plan Dec 6 – 12, 2020 Shadstone Limited

Christmas is coming up quick, as well as 2021. What an insane year it has been. Just like what we said in Thanksgiving, let us be appreciative for what we have.

In this week plan, I made a quick 5-minute video for the team (private) that will be online for only a few days, so please check it (removed).

As we said last week, it is an HR update year. And wow, it has been. We had 2 who left, 1 joined and 1 on vacation so there are a lot of things to digest here.

Thinking more strategically last week, I also want to define my job and role in the company. We’re also working on a leadership team basing it from a few management books we have read.

This is the main role I have put for my job:


  • Big ideas
  • Big relationships
  • Solving big problems
  • Culture
  • Industry trends

I’m working on a proper “org chart” which is open for anyone’s feedback. We plan to reveal it at this month’s team building call.

For team building call, we had it put down for Friday Dec. 11 at 8pm. But some of you said Friday nights are not good. So I’m considering pushing that back to :

Thursday Dec. 17, 6pm.

Does that work for people? Hope to do some awards and other giveaways for those who attend as well as introduce a more organized plan and strategy for 2021.

Also, I want to invest in more knowledge-sharing and education as I love to help improve the skills of the team and anyone honestly who wants to learn and grow. I’ve been talking to management about this and hope to confirm the format and do an initial session in December with a plan for 2021.

Now for some of the business updates:
Had an amazing sales coaching session with Gilbert on Friday afternoon and realized, instead of selling courses and information for Scale By Outsourcing, why not sell the software we are using for our own team since we have worked so hard on it. So I’m making a new sales pitch, and am actually personally more interested in selling this – our portal / handbook (with select SOPs) / HR tools as a bundle for other businesses to better organize and grow their businesses. Because people are too busy to take a course or do more learning, business owners just want the solution. I’m excited about this one and hope to work with a few of you on the team for the “onboarding SOP” for customers of this package. This would include some IT and some onboarding training for the client.

Also realizing, instead of hiring a new community manager, we can use our current GFAVIP members. They are more than willing to help, and we have 4 mastermind table leaders who will help with their tables and the calls. We need to leverage the amazing community and let them contribute back as we have given them so much.

Just a ton of projects going, the blockchain domains (Handshake) is moving fast and we (Skyinclude) are now on the directors board. Had a call with 15 or so other directors and it is early days of this new internet. Can’t wait to teach some of you about the new internet on the blockchain, working on SOPs and videos now.

Hope all of this is clear. Again, I make these week plans to try to keep the team updated on what is happening.

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