90% Settled In, Shifting Gears to Community

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Sept 18 – 24, 2022

(in photo: My son watching his bed being setup – finally his own room!)

Listen as audio here [1.5 minutes long] (or scroll down for text)

Full week now in our new home, and daily trips to various grocery stores and home stores (HomePro, Makro, Big C) starting to feel we have the majority of daily necessities.

* Speaking Thursday night at Offchain Crypto meetup
* Monday – parent teacher meeting (first one), immigration, and calls.
* Training our amazing team (as always), and re-igniting GFA community.
* Amazon product launches.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Sept 18 – 24, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Another week, more grinding – flossing! We keep refining our system and defining our all star team. Let’s keep it up. Again, communication is part of our top values (in the SLOT – communication is covered in both O- online, and T – teamwork) so please – the privilege of working online means we have the responsibility of good communication.

3 people joined last week! Faith for GFA community manager and the Blimp method franchisee oversight. Jennifer will be PM of the GFAkids program. Aubrey will be assisting us in the writing department.

This is part of the plan of scaling our team and our management. We are building out solid department LEADERS. Or should I say “ninjas” – we want to empower the team to be great and have as equal a say as possible.

There is a lot to do still on building a team and leadership – seems it will be a never ending one – but the last (approx) two years we have made massive progress on building leadership – starting approximately when we had Janette join as a consultant and do some team assessments in early 2021.

For the project statuses:

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. We are doing more Amazon than ever with 2 new Excalibur Brothers products just going live (and working w/ each franchisee), the first 40 foot container for Esatto clearing customs and entering a third party warehouse, and preparing to visit the Akitai factory here in Chiang Mai to grow the relationship and product line.

Also our marketing team is improving more and more – new team members, more audits of social media, getting more results on influencer outreach.

There is so overlap of marketing and client services tasks, thinking we need 1 more person in client services to help support taht department – so more efforts can be put from specialized and experienced people into marketing and influencers.

Crowdfunding project BeckyAI w/ Don is moving to next step with samples ready for review – David will check them out. Have a team call Monday night and plan to really clarify the last steps before launch.

GFA we have Faith working with us, on a full time role – so we are excited to really get that rolling more with a podcast coming this week after a few weeks of no shows (I was traveling and it was just too exhausting) . Also almost confirmed on a new long term yearly GFA partner sponsorship (close to announcing). And now that I’m in Thailand, thinking about the next Cross Border Summit. A few other initiatives boiling.

GFAkids, training Jennifer. Still feel we gotta get the SOP process for the financials defined better – but not sure who should be the point person on that.

NowShenzhen is moving along. Working on grabbing more emails. The lockdowns makes it hard to promote events as many get cancelled last minute. There are some new ideas being brainstormed as well.

Client projects – seems our clients are happy with our work. I see our client services doing amazing at promptly replying and coordinating with our team to keep things smooth. Our quality of work combined with our improved communication is great. Now we just need to focus on sales (duh, something we haven’t).

Handshake (Skyinclude / Flamingo) – finally wrapped up settlement for last auction, this Thursday I’m speaking at a crypto meetup in Chiang Mai on web3 domains, and we need to discuss next auction date.

Further defining Shadstone “branding and values” – not sure what to call it, but we are preparing some giveaways at the retreat and making some nice stories with it. Really going deep in to the “Shadstone ninja” concept.

So much more (as always)

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