People Check-ins For the New Year

In now by Michael Michelini

What is Michael Michelini up to now – Dec 20 – 26, 2020

* Year end “processing” and planning for new year
* 1 on 1 calls with the team
* Working on getting GFAVIP members into the best fit mastermind group for them.
* Preparing webinar for SBO – ScaleByOutsourcing (Dec 29)
* Deep in studying and creating content for SkyInclude – Handshake / HNS

Year end always gets me thinking as I am sure a lot of you.  Are we doing what we like to do or what we were meant to do?

2020 was a defining year for the world and the future is clear. It is an online world with more monitoring and more health processes in place. Those futuristic movies are coming true.

For those who want to read (select parts) of the company weekly letter, here it is.


Week Plan Dec 20 – Dec 26 2020 Shadstone Limited

Happy holidays. Thank you for those who were able to attend the year end online party. I had a 30 minute presentation (didn’t expect it to take that long) and was able to record it for those who couldn’t make it.

I recommend everyone who missed it to catch up on it as we discuss the future and would love any and all feedback.

Also, I want to do some 1 on 1 sessions for year end. I know internet and shyness are part of the issues, but it is a time to really just hear how things are going with you and the company. Also building out a management team to help oversee the growing team as I try to “stop micromanaging” as some have commented.

To be honest, I feel the team is the best yet. People are doing amazing work in their roles and I feel those here are enjoying it.

Some updates on the business side – more inquiries coming in for content creation, which is great as it is our core service.

Happy also to see more writers apply with us, as we need to balance supply and demand.

The GFAVIP mastermind session on Tuesday went REALLY well. 3 good tables are all happy with their groups and topics and thanking us for putting it together. Working on a USA time zone one as well and optimizing better the flow and platform. The mini-site really seemed to help as well, and more membership applications are coming in.

Been slowly sharing with some of you the “new internet / web 3.0 / decentralized web” on the blockchain. I just don’t want to distract all of us yet as we are still in the very early stages of it. But we’re using the brand “Sky Include” for that service and content and hope to be an early adopter so that once the new dWeb goes mainstream, we are there and ready. But it is exciting as new hosting and new social networks are being introduced on the new internet, and I believe it is the future – the way the internet was meant to be.

Preparing a webinar again for the SBO program. This time the angle is on prompting these tools and systems we have been using so well over the years. Our coach, Gilbert helped discover that is an angle of what we can sell and already have a couple people interested in our network to use it.

On the new Amazon FBA account, we are in the pending process with opening a new Seller Central account, tons of paperwork and processing.

Let’s keep today’s short. I do hope people read this and it helps them understand what we are up to.

Really excited for the new year. There are lots of opportunities and we have invested a TON of TIME and MONEY.  But I believe we have the systems and platform to really grow a long term business to support all of us and our growth. Thank you for being here with us.

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