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What Mike Michelini is up to Now – June 13 – 19, 2021

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  • “Biz dev” hat on hyper mode – making deals for Amazon acquisitions, web3, incubators, bootcamps, all day pushing it.
  • So happy with the leadership growth at Shadstone. We are making huge improvements to building a team of leaders and departments that can operate without “waiting for Mike”
  • Dweb incubator application responses are going out Monday
  • Indigitus Router – getting the flow going. But Monday is Dragon Boat festival so we need to wait longer for the factory to get back to us.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan June 13- 19, 2021 Shadstone Limited

It’s getting hot here in Shenyang and I can’t find my shorts, ha!

Hope everyone is staying safe and confident in these extended lockdown times. I wanted to get to Shenzhen for a business trip. But, I’m afraid to go due to confusion that if I go back to Shenyang, I’ll have a mandatory 15-day hotel quarantine (as there is a recent outbreak in Guangzhou / Shenzhen). So may not take that trip for a while.

Team Updates:

  • Last week, we have continued our leadership and sales and marketing developments with our coach. And, we have our Social Media Manager stepping up to take the lead in the sales department (while also continuing on the social media management). She’ll work closely with our coach on this. And, it is a great milestone in Shadstone, not being reliant on only Mike to do the sales.
  • Our community manager also has a couple new leads for projects and sponsorships coming in which is really promising. Also, in China, our team is talking to some potential leads too.
  • Bootcamp / Cross Border Matchmaker (CBM) for September – working on the “new” Global From Asia post. This “new normal” and the CBM was well-received and now we’re working on a bootcamp with a small group of people in the community who wants to build up their businesses. Presentations of these ventures shall be shared at the next CBM in September.
  • One cool part of it is that we worked a deal with a massive Chinese expo to have a conference room during their event in September. So we will “adjust” to this new normal with online and offline events. Imagine the Airmeet streaming on a big screen with thousands of Chinese people at a trade show while of course, the normal people from around the world can tune in.
  • Another cool concept we are working on is the virtual booths that can be done in various break out rooms in the Chinese expo. So, we can match (thus the name “Matchmaker”) the booths and bootcamp participants with attendees at the massive China Tech expo.

    Again, all of this is an adjustment now to the “new normal”. And, hopefully we can always have the online and offline element of the events (o2o) no matter how the travel and borders open up in the future.

  • On the Handshake side – we’re still working on getting the integration with HNS and crypto payments. We have a developer from the Chinese handshake community stepping up to help us with the integration. It is going great.
  • Also planning another Flamingo Handshake for June 24, 7am HK/Manila time. We need to find names to auction off.
  • The dweb incubator applications were finished last week and now we are selecting the teams to kick it off in July.
  • The Indigitus router is moving along. We had an amazing AMA last Monday and lots of people are signing up and are interested in it. We’re working on the ambassador program there for this week.
  • And, on the Amazon acquisitions deal – we lots of intense conversations and discussions on adding more brokers and deals into it. This is why I was working on getting to Shenzhen.

Hope these updates don’t overwhelm everyone. There’s a ton going on and that means a ton of opportunity. If things listed here sound interesting, please let us know to see how we can get you more involved.

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