Reflections On Steve Jobs Death….Losing a Great American Entrepreneur

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I have blogged about looking in the mirror every morning which is from Steve Jobs….we have to live each day like it will be our last, we have to look into the mirror in the morning, when we are washing our face and thinking about what we will do that day. I still try to force myself to think that way…every single day…when I am stressed out, emotional….feel like the world is against me….I think…live like today is my last day and I will look back and wonder if I did the best I could and lived for today.

Steve Jobs has been an inspiration for me as well as so many people….almost everyone I talk to.

While I resisted his products, because I consider myself “open source” and anti-“walled garden” (forcing me to buy Apple specific equipment and software)…last month even I broke down and got a Mac Air…..and am typing this blog today from it.

I have looked at him when I consider what kind of personality Tech CEOs need to be ….with his image as a perfectionist and a relentless “pusher” for greatness…..”hot head” and micro manager.

I also wonder if, in order to be a great technology leader, you need to be a programmer ….while I see he is a techie in some regards, I see him as a master marketer ….. as well as EVERYTHING…he has mastered all parts of business….

He has come back to Apple and saved it from bankruptcy…..making it the most valuable business in the world.

His death today makes me wonder if I am on the right track. I have to keep challenging myself. I cannot give up.

I also have to say – Silicon Valley, and American entrepreneur … I just wonder….as the world become “flat” and as China and other countries continue to develop their creativity and business skills and capital markets…I wonder where the next Steve Jobs will rise from….

In a way, I wonder if I am bailing on America…as an American in China…building a business based in China…..

But I believe the world is becoming global much more than during Steve Jobs generation, and the future businessmen will be global.

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