Doubling Down

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Doubling Down

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Who do you look to when you want to make a big decision? When you want to take your business or your life to the next level.

The answer should be – yourself. There is no one else in control of your life except yourself. Sure, you may have some limiting beliefs about others who control your each and every move. These are artificial excuses in your mind to slow you down from achieving your goals in life.

Heck, I am still learning to break those limiting beliefs. I’m so happy Meir inspired me this summer to get back into e-commerce, and I am so excited to make the journey public with you part of it.

For those who read any of these blogs or talk to me in real life- I probably have some form of ADD. They missed medicating me when I was a kid to keep me shut in a box with pills – thank GOD! My friends and I back home realize that if ADD was a thing back in grade school we would all probably be on meds.

I love to create, love to build, love to make things happen in life. As a result of this – I have a lot of “stuff” around me. My family was pack rats, and I’m a pack rat – maybe not in the physical product senses – but in the mental and business sense.

Doubling down on what is working, and what you love to do – is harder than it thinks. For me, I am all in with Global From Asia and this new e-commerce venture.

Enter China is growing as a community and a business. It is obvious to them that I have not been as active and with the merger with Brinc the business there has changed quite a bit – for the BETTER! But – for me as a bootstrapping, hustling entrepreneur, it has evolved to something that I did not plan for it to be – I saw it as an online based business with a remote team and systems in place. So, have had some great discussions with the team and I’m making it clear I am doubling down where I am – in Global From Asia and the ecommerce venture. Its hard – because Enter China is bigger and better than ever and I had to adjust some of the compensation there – but this is life and I want to keep relationships and business smooth for everyone.

Doubling down – means – giving up some other winners you may be part of. And these kind of decisions are hard everywhere. But I want to be clear I’m not “out” of Enter China – but I think most of you watching these video blogs can imagine I am much more focused on Global From Asia.

And it is growing – I am so proud of the team we are building and the new heights we are reaching.

If making decisions was easy – everyone would be a millionaire. I am fortunate enough to have so many great opportunities in front of me – I’m so blessed. But at the same time, we can’t get greedy. We need to focus on what works for us.

So I’m doubling down – and are you with me?

How do you double down – do you make tough decisions or just stay in the middle and don’t pick a side. To be honest, that was me for so many years – trying to do everything and be everything to everyone. But often that upsets everyone and then you lose friends and business deals. So you gotta double down and make hard decisions.

Even harder has been the applications for the new e-commerce venture we are doing. So many amazing people, I am overwhelmed. Same with new job applicants to work with us.

Let’s get this to the next level. Let’s rock it.

Stay focused, and prepare our minds for the ups and the downs in this roller coaster ride we call life.

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