Doing Things That Scare You

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Doing Things That Scare You

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I’m scared. I’m afraid. Yes, I said it, I am nervous.

Courage – is not – not being afraid.

Instead, it is acting against the fear. It is taking action and going forward even though we may lose, we may fail, things may not turn out the way that we thought they would.

For me, I feel this is the biggest thing that I have seen people who succeed, who make a difference in life, do that those who wish they could- do. Taking action. Against the fear. Against the naysayers and haters.

What can you do to stay ahead of the curve. Constantly push yourself. Constantly do something that scares you.

Heck ,I am so scared about publicly doing a new e-commerce business and having people I don’t really know be my business partner. That is kind of insane isn’t it.

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  1. Whose your business partner? And what kind of products will you be selling? Good luck Mike

    1. — Please reply above this line —

      hey Mark,

      thanks! – its Jack, Cadrian, Roland, and Meir, you can follow the whole thing at [1] 🙂

      Mike Michelini

      Visit our business website at [1]
      Visit Mike’s personal blog at [2]

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