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Wow, These Random Blogs Are Helping Some People!

Mike’s Blog 105

It is funny, when the things you try so hard to make a difference don’t work as well as those things you are just doing on the side with no pressure. But maybe that is the meaning of life. To just let things be as they may and not worry if people care. I’m just finishing up a book “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World” and the dude is crazy. He says doing things for our own interest and benefit is not selfish – that is what humans are by nature. We need to do what we like to do and what makes us happy in order to add value to the world.

These blogs are my outlet. When I get writer’s block for my Global From Asia blogs, I go to Mike’s Blog. To just speak whatever is in my head and get it down on paper. If you believe it or not, there are some blogs that I actually don’t publish – maybe I should – but they are really almost just free brain streaming of what is going through my head. I would say just gibberish and self-talk. Like I am talking to a devil and an angel on my shoulder. One side saying to go one way in a path, and the other side saying another. Writing it out has helped me a ton.

And someone who has been reading these blogs thanked me. He said that by my putting these “free thoughts” out there he has gotten more confident to make decisions in his life that are in his own best interest. Seeing me just talk so openly about somewhat personal things inspired him.

Wow, cool!

I know I have had others tell me they read my blog but don’t engage (comment) back because it is so personal.

But hey, this is my little corner on cyberspace where I can share what is going on in my mind and my life -and you can read it if you want. I’m not trying to make this a business. Mike’s Blog is something that will carry me till I am dead. And I hope my kids pay the hosting fee for the server and the domain fee so that it stays online after I die.

Blogging has been “under fire” – as I search some older blogs I liked a lot – I see they have closed down and either are offline completely or just say they are no longer operating and only on social media. I like to have my blog as its my home base – and then sure, I republish this on Facebook and other sites. But I have no idea what they are going to do with my content in the future.

So in 20 years, I hope domain names are still relevant – maybe we will all be living in AR and VR environments, maybe can convert this content into an online world.

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