Families and Religion

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Families and Religion

How do you choose the religion at your household?

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These kids will have such a rich and diverse upbringing. It is one thing I won’t regret – having Miles and Maggie exposed to so many cultures and personalities. Not even five years old and have traveled to America, China, Thailand, with exposure to English, Mandarin Chinese, Thai, and even my wife’s local hometown dialect Dongbei Hua.

But at the same time – there are some more complex questions. How about religion? I grew up Baptist and then in my teens Catholic. Do feel like having a structure of going to church and appreciating a higher being does help as a child.

Yet at the same time – do I lie to my kids about there being a Santa Claus? It is a cool concept – an old fat guy flies around once a year going in chimneys and giving presents.

It isn’t religion – but it is culture. And it is something so many parents still are doing to their kids. But isn’t there Google now – even for toddlers?

Wendy  doesn’t like the camera as much as I do – but I did get her to share on the video blog – that it is up to the kids to decide when they are older. She has her buddhist daily chants and there is Buddhist artifacts around the house. Miles has asked about it, and we just tell him as it is. The kids have joined her in these practices, just because they love their mother and are curious what is happening.

One side of me says they will decide when they are older – but obviously a child will be influenced during their upbringing, right?

This blog is a bit shorter – but I will leave it up to this – I think today’s generation of kids will be so much more open minded. The internet and access to information is so much more free. When I was a kid, I didn’t have Google and online sites to show me all the things out in the world. I only had the information that was provided by my family, church, and school.

Therefore, the choices and influence of kids now will be so much wider. I’m curious what you think?

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