How To Make Decision with 2 Great Choices

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2 great choices, how do you decide?

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We have all been there – getting pulled in 2 directions and both seem really amazing.

A lot of times, we take option 3 and that is – to take both. Because saying no is so hard, or you don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings.

But picking one, and declining the other takes true courage and is a skill I am working on refining. The nice guy isn’t always out on top, and I think that is because all too often the nice guy really is the person who doesn’t want to say no.

Saying no is hard. But it is so powerful. I have been getting more and more requests as I put myself out there online more and more, and it is just impossible to take everyone up on these opportunities.

So in the video today I basically said that learning what you don’t like is just as important as learning what you do like. Narrowing things down helps – but of course once you get to 2 really good choices, that is hard.

SerpentZA was on the show at the end and he said normally the riskier one, the one that many people say you shouldn’t do is often the right one – with bigger payoffs if done correctly.

The last few months have really been pushing my own boundaries. This new e-commerce venture, and now turning into a TV show, is amazing. Yes, I am so nervous about it – but putting it on the line is what makes everything worth it.

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