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Decided to publish this, have a bit of creative writer’s block in my morning writing session so rambled a bit, I don’t feel bad if you skip this post

Sunday morning reflections.

Each day that goes by, I am closer to dying. Need to make each day count.

Need to also realize that my body is just a container for my soul. It is only flesh and bone. A lot of the needs, wants, and desires are for the flesh.

Need to reduce this need for more.

I keep playing the Marcus Aerilius “meditations” in my mind.

Each day I can improve my skills more and more.

But key is to pick which skills to focus on. Which to be a master in.

Once you know what you like to do, what you want to be a master in – then you can go ahead and chip away at it each waking day.

Having too many things to do, too many things to be a master at, and you will be a master at none.

A lot of my friends are having kids now, as I have kids as well. Then this becomes the center, this becomes the meaning of life.

As I have a kid now, I wonder what did I care about before ? What really mattered so much to make the equivalent of fighting for a kid, and your family. Makes everything else irrelevant.

Yet as I travel more, and as I continue to bounce back and forth between the Shenzhen and Hong Kong border, I want to take a breath. Is this helping my family?

Had some long talks with friends lately, and will invest more in Hong Kong. I have a small office there now, and will be applying for an investment visa.

Should this be an inflection point? Heck, I think every day should be an inflection point. Look in the mirror and wonder – will this help me get closer to the goal, to the vision, to the purpose?

Wonder if I will publish this as a blog post, heck why not. It feels good to get this out of my mind.

Later today I’ll work on my short term work plan for the team. Been leveraging content marketing, pushing hard to write every single day.

Today was a bit of a block – so popped open a fresh document and started rambling like this. Just don’t want to get stuck on a writer’s block. Need to keep typing and keep the creative juices flowing.

These words and the other words I write can be read by whomever wishes too. And I hope it benefits them a bit. Heck, maybe it makes them consider taking a deeper look at their life. What is the purpose someone does what they do each day.

Gues this makes me think of my dad. I know he didn’t like his work. At least that is how I felt. I assume it was to pay the bills, send the kids to school. Is that my new job now, to earn money to support my family. He was a great provider for the family and raised us well.

Yes, that is my core responsibility. But I also want to add value to the world. And to do something I am passionate about.

Lately been geting more comments and feedback on my Global From Asia blog posts. Sure glad I am, pushing my heart and soul into those posts – not just long and detailed, but years of my experience and those of many others before me.

I’m just so appreciative to be able to read and learn from others. Those who are still alive today like Tim Ferriss, but also those who have long passed away like Marcus Auerlius (who Tim recommends to read).

At DCBKK I hung out a bit with Dan Norris, another epic writer and value creator. He mentioned to me and a group of others how he loves to just create stuff. Maybe some of it will not take off and be popular, but it will be something that you have made and completed.

That is how I feel about a lot of the recent works I have done. Couple books done now, and stuck in the middle of the 3rd.

We are almost in NOvember – that means life is getting close to going into a new year. A reflection time for all of us.

2016 is a time for me to execute. Have a foundation of knowledge and also writings. Learning and perfecting the skill of helping business owners get setup in Hong Kong. My wife is awesome, patient, and supportive. This will be the year everything will line up.

Jon Buford asked me yesterday what is my long term plan.

Well, I see myself here in the Hong Kong / China border. Of course there is the kid’s education. I think it will be good for them to learn Chinese language, and get exposure to a multi-cultural environment.

Want to expand the reach in Asia for products and services. Have Josh as a partner in Cebu, Philippines for SEO and internet marketing for clients we service.

Need to become an even bigger “connector” and lead generating machine. For company setup, for internet marketing, for all kinds of things.

There is one thing for sure, the adventure will continue. Life will not get boring.

Laird, my neighbor in my Manhattan apartment a decade or more ago, told me when I was blue – that life is a book. Each phase is a chapter. Some chapters are good, while others are bad.

But the whole book is beautiful, and an adventure. We can’t let the bad chapters hurt us.

I feel a bit scared getting further out of my element into 2016 – mostly its a money thing – but will take business to the next level.

the only way to grow is to get out of your current shell, go unprotected into the wild, and slip into a bigger shell.

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  1. I think James Altucher said your life has ups and downs because it’s a story, not a textbook. Good post, useful for people who want to know you, Mike 🙂

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