Dad Continues To Motivate Me

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A big reason for this blog was to communicate back to home my travels and business adventures…to family and friends…and not to make long phone calls over and over to everyone repeating my crazy stories. Obviously that has grown as I get more readers in China, Usa, and Philippines, as well as worldwide.

But still, my dad is one of my top readers here….and I love him more then ever because of it. You know when you’re a kid, you have this weird feeling to your parents, not wanting to tell them too much, hiding things, feeling they are being too nosy about your life. I sometimes post his motivational emails. But for the most part now, they know all my crazy problems….well they do get all the mail in USA….my bill collections, letters from lawyers…so its not so easy to hide stuff either!

But another way my dad and mom motivate me is these scanner articles, motivational poems and horoscopes (and another horoscope I don’t blog all of these horoscopes and articles on this blog (or it would be jam packed! But occassionally it inspires me and gives me motivation to blog it.

Recently I got one of those (typed it out here:)

this paints your picture exactly
glad to be able to read your blog.
mom said hi hope you had great sunday
love jim


Your greatest gift is a strong spirit. Never give up. When the chips are down you can always hang in there, give 110 percent and do the right things needed to survive and thrive. The stress of the past year or so will begin to ease soon. You will see life and finances gradually easing by the fall. Keep on keeping on.

HUSTLE is how I interpret this. Just can’t give up. I know its this internal battle inside of myself in order to prove to myself and the world that I can achieve success. well, what is success. But anyway, the struggle, the fight….and the hard work ethic I learned from my father.

Hope this motivates my friends this Sunday afternoon.

And like my friend Paul Chong tells me, I gotta be the man in the arena!

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